Dr. Gleave has more than 25 years of experience, and can handle any dental emergency, including toothache, tooth sensitivity, infection, tooth damage, etc. Call 801-262-0744.


We offer several options for those who have anxiety over getting dental work. We have nitrous oxide available. We also use a lot of oral sedatives. They work wonderful and are safer than doing IV sedation. You take 4 pills 90 min prior to your appointed time. While you still stay conscious you will feel very tired and most likely fall asleep. It will also give you amnesia and you won’t remember being at the office.  But for those that prefer we do offer IV sedation as well.

Root Canal

There is a lot of misinformation about root canal treatment. In our office it is a painless experience and all root canals are completed in a single visit. If you have been suffering with a toothache, especially if it’s cold or air sensitive, getting a root canal with immediately end the pain. It’s a simple appointment in our office and takes about 1 hour. The goal of the root canal is to remove all of the decay and contents of the canal system located in the middle of the tooth and then fill that area. This removes all nerve and soft tissue and seals the tooth thereby allowing you to preserve your tooth.

Tooth Extraction & Wisdom Teeth

Dr. Gleave has extensive experience with tooth removal including wisdom teeth. He can remove most any tooth quickly and painlessly. If you want to replace the missing tooth with a dental implant it’s advisable to get a bone graft in the vacant socket after the extraction thereby preserving and building the surrounding bone. Dr Gleave has extensive training in grafting and placement and restoration of dental implants.

Oral Infection

Many toothaches and emergency visits happen because of oral infections associated with the teeth and gums. If you feel your face or gums start to swell or you have a tooth that is very tender to bite on you most likely have a tooth infection and getting started on an antibiotic as soon as possible is the best treatment. Infections can happen from loss of bone around teeth caused by gum disease but more commonly it’s due to the tooth. Teeth that have died due to decay or fracture can cause severe infections. Also teeth that have had trauma can die and get infected. Teeth that are infected will either need to have root canal treatment or be removed.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a wonderful way to restore your missing teeth. There are options to replace a single tooth or an area of missing teeth or an entire arch. They are highly successful and Dr. Gleave has extensive training. Be sure and ask about treatment options and our implant specials.

Cracked Tooth

Whether it’s a sports injury or just some accident around the house, teeth can chip and crack. Dr. Gleave can mend a cracked or broken tooth with a dental crown. Failing to treat a cracked tooth can lead to more serious dental issues.

Dr. Gleave Talks About His Experience
With Dental Emergencies

Comfortable Care In a Dental Emergency

If you or someone in your family suffers a dental emergency, you want quick relief from pain and solutions to repair your dental damage.

Here’s how our Salt Lake City office helps:

  • Extra time built into our schedule for emergencies so you can see us right away
  • After-hours emergency number so you can contact us no matter when you need us
  • Effective local anesthesia to numb your mouth
  • Three types of dental sedation so you can get the right level of relaxation for your procedure and your personal level of anxiety




Have a question about your dental pain, or dental emergencies?
Can cavities cause toothaches?
If you have a toothache, a painful cavity may be the cause. Dr. Gleave will remove damaging decay and repair your tooth with a filling. If the cavity is too big for a filling, he’ll use an inlayonlay, or dental crown. No matter which restoration is used, your tooth will be protected from further damage and pain.
What's the best option if I've lost a tooth?
A dental bridge is a good option for replacing a single lost tooth or several missing teeth. Dental implants is the best option for replacing anywhere from one tooth to an entire mouthful of teeth, however.
It's after hours. Can I call?
We have an after-hours emergency number so you can contact us no matter when you need us: 801-262-0700

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